Exeltis is the consumer business unit of the Spanish group Insud Pharma. We are a
pharmaceutical company focused in women’s health

We develop, manufacture and commercialize products devoted to women’s health, in all stages of their life. We have our own R&D, manufacturing capacities and sales team.

In Thailand we are one of the most respected companies in women’s health by consumers and clients, so this has put us in very good position to be strong despite the crisis.

Women’s health is a basic need in Thailand, and our ambition is to invest in this country to achieve the
number 1 position in this market, and to improve the health of all the women in

On the one hand we strive to bring more products that are needed in Thailand, and on the other hand we need to maximize our current portfolio. Doing this in a harmonious way can be
challenging at times

We are launching 2 new products this year, and we are already preparing the launches, and at the same time we are starting to implement all the tactical plans to make sure that we can serve the Thai population. It is quite hectic time right now

I was working in Madrid at Insudpharma in regional role, and I wanted to have a more functional role in a country. 4 years ago I was offered the opportunity to come to Thailand to lead the Thai organization, and since them I am now heading the whole region.

Mr. Enrique Calvo

Mr. Gustavo Oriol

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world in terms of players and courts. In Asia the
sport is quite recent and our mision at Padel Asia is to develop Padel in Thailand and
make it as popular as it is worldwide

Padel Asia is the one stop partner for any Padel need in Thailand. We bring all the material needed to practice the sport, we can build the courts, and of course we teach anybody to play padel or to improve their level. This year we want to start the Thai National championship

On the one hand it has limited us because we had to stop our plans for the Thai national championships, but on the positive side we have experienced that a lot of people started to play padel as it is a
way to be active while other places were closed.

Padel is becoming very popular in Asia. In Thailand we have increased the number of courts available, and also we have more than 3000 people that have played with us. We are pretty sure
that that we will increase the numbers of courts and people in the years to come.
Padel is a sport that is easy at the beginning and is very addictive

We need to manage our growth wisely, we are a very dynamic team, but also our time is limited, we
need to prioritize to be sure that we can achieve our desired growth, and we are
convinced that we will do it

We are currently very active. We are building new courts , also we are talking to different stakeholders to find new Padel locations, and also we are starting to organize the Padel national championship

I came to Thailand to work on the hospitality business, at the same time in Spain I was a semi-professional soccer player, this open me many doors to be involved in sports in Thailand, and Padel
came natural , as is a sport that I am passionate about, and I believe will be a very popular sport in this country