Seminar: Data Protection & e-Signature

Seminar: Data Protection & e-Signature

STCC Event

Our seminar on Wed 24th of February was a success of attendance since the explanations and insights of this so trendy topic were important for all the attendees, mainly because the PDPA – Personal Data Protection Act – will be implemented on 1st June this year in Thailand and there are many details to be aware of.

Our two speakers – Khun Pranat Laohapairoj from HMH Chandler and Mr. Bernard Collin from SafeComs  – shared with us their knowledge and professionalism transferring us a series of very useful information:

  • Why this law has come into existence.
  • Basic principles and fundamental mechanisms of the law.
  • Specific processes for collection, use, and transfer of the personal data.
  • Rights of the data subjects.
  • Duties of data controller and processor.
  • Who should be the company’s DPO and what are the obligations and liabilities.
  • Penalties and liabilities of the companies.
  • Short-term and long-term measures to tackle and navigate this law. 
  • Provide an overview of the technical aspects of the law
  • How it is expected to be implemented
  • Who is responsible for implementing and managing it
  • What system do you have to monitor the infrastructure and the people
  • What are the risks and consequences
  • How you should handle managing the situation and avoiding potential breaches

Special mention to the presence of Spanish Ambassador, H.E. Emilio de Miguel, who honoured us opening the session, and to the Counsellor to the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy, Mr. Luis López, who conducted the seminar presenting the speakers.
We also thank the co-promoting Chambers for their support and constant help. BeLuThai (Belgium-Luxemburg-Thai Chamber) – BCCT (British-Thai Chamber) – NTCC (Netherlands-Thai Chamber).